<![CDATA[FINALLY FOLLOWING THRU - Blog]]>Sat, 20 Jan 2018 22:53:56 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Inspiring! So, it is worth the share... Enjoy!]]>Sat, 20 Jan 2018 17:17:46 GMThttp://finallyfollowingthru.com/blog/inspiring-so-it-is-worth-the-share-enjoyI saw this on my Facebook feed and it caught my attention because I have had my share of self doubt and struggles.  I think you will feel inspired after watching.  Credit goes to "1 Step Away"  they have some really cool video's.  Check them out! 
<![CDATA[I Live with a 5lb. Terrorist]]>Sat, 13 Jan 2018 14:55:35 GMThttp://finallyfollowingthru.com/blog/i-live-with-a-5lb-terroristPicture
That eye looks so innocent right?  Meet Quincy! This little guy weighs-in anywhere between 5 and 5 half pounds depending on how many cookies he has eaten in the past few days.   He is just over 2 years old and rules the house.  He is a trans-kitty.  He is a cat in a dogs body.  He has an attitude as big as manhattan and "talks" ALL day long.  He only wants to be snuggled on his terms and god-forbid I have other plans that interrupt his agenda.  He will continue to harass, talk, bark and bounce off of your legs until you give him the attention he wants.  

I got him as a pup.  I had recently lost my precious english bulldog Mr. Magoo on Christmas day in 2016.   I swore I wasn't going to get another dog.  I lasted about 4 weeks and the house felt so empty.  So my family encouraged me to get a shih tzu.  My sister had one and my niece was championing the cause.  The running joke in the house now is... " They said get a shih tzu!"   I say this as I am put my palm to my head. 

Quincy is named after my Mr. Magoo.  And my Magoo is named after the  cartoon  Mister Magoo.   Well, long story short I wanted a connection to my gentle souled comedic Magoo.  Quincy is the cartoon characters first name.   Hence, my lil terrorist is named Quincy Boo Boo.  He is the anti-thesis of gentle soul.  Because my english bully was also such a character, I wanted another character in the house.  What I got was a full on DIVA!  The warning signs were there early on.  I got Quincy from a breeder. (My first time ever doing that, I have always rescued even Magoo)  Well, I went to the breeders and met Quincy when he was 6 weeks old.  Boy did he have character.  Climbed all over his litter mates and cute as a button.  I made plans to pick him up on Friday when he was 8 weeks old.  Well, this little terrorist became a houdini at the breeders and I was called the 7th week to please come pick up Quincy because he was escaping his kennel and causing problems! It was like getting a call from the principals office and come and get your naughty kid.   

I do love my little terrorist and we recently went back to the same breeder to get Quincy a sibling.  I originally wanted a little girl but when I walked in there were 3 older puppies who hadn't been adopted and I simply feel in love with Max.   He is in some of the pictures below.  But I will introduce you to max in the near future.   They are my partners in crime, fur-babies and keep me on a very tight schedule.  Potty does  NOT wait for mama to sleep in.   I hope your home is full of as much love and adventure as mine!  

<![CDATA[This World Needs More Shades of Gray]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://finallyfollowingthru.com/blog/this-world-needs-more-shades-of-grayAbsolutes by definition are “that which exists without being dependent on anything else.” (Google) PictureAbsolute Black
 So many people try to live in a world of black or white and I am not talking ethnicity.  Although, this type of predominate thinking can add to prejudices in the world, at least in my opinion.  I am talking about thinking, feelings, actions, philosophy, right and wrong.  The whole “it’s my way or the highway” mentality. Or there is only ONE right answer or ONE correct way of doing things.  Well let me burst that bubble, right here, right now.  Life is about the shades of gray.  And I am not talking about some sexual predisposition of sadomasochism or domination that is another post entirely. (But hey, whatever floats your boat, if all agree… GO FOR IT!)   :)

I am talking about what I believe to be a narrow-mindedness that limits people’s ability to experience life in such richness and depth. Seeing and acknowledging the gray allows for a greater understanding of other people, cultures, philosophy, perspective, I mean you can go on and on.
I am drawing from my personal experiences and my observations over the years.  When push comes to shove our world is less and less absolutes and a lot more gray then a lot of people are willing to see or admit.  And here is the irony of it all... the more gray you are willing to acknowledge in your life, the brighter and more colorful it becomes.    I see it all the time with students I have taught.  Inevitably, someone, a student is so upset because their perception of an incident is so absolute.   Their world gets turn upside down and it makes for an emotional day, week or whatever.  The more unwilling the kid is to see the gray the longer the angst and hurt.  The more willing to see the gray, the quicker the hurt dissipates and most times it forms into a greater understanding or at the very least it cracks the door to becoming more openminded.   

​People we need the gray to see the depths of intent, emotions, thoughts, perspectives and circumstances.    Hmmmm... The next time you are feeling rigid... I hope you look for the shades of gray and may your world blossom.

Shades of Gray allows us to understand
<![CDATA[Embrace Your Inner Sparkle!]]>Thu, 04 Jan 2018 17:00:33 GMThttp://finallyfollowingthru.com/blog/embrace-your-inner-sparklePicture
It is time to SPARKLE Bitches!  The experts say you gotta grab your audience from the get go.  So, did it work?  Are you reading?  Fantastic! 
I’m going to bypass introductions.  Because your time is precious.  So how the hell does one embrace their inner sparkle. 
Let me tell you a little story about the cruel world of a 10X mirror.  You know those mirrors that magnify things ten times the size they really are, what a marvel invention.  Well, let’s just say this frapping thing is the anti-thesis of embracing your inner sparkle.
 In fact, it is a weapon of mass destruction that can annihilate your inner sparkle in one sit-down session!  Holy mother of all that is good! This contraption does not rank high on the self-esteem meter if you are over the age 30.  Yes, I said THIRTY!  It is so cruel! And its destruction gets worse and so much easier as you age.  
So, I am going to describe a little theatrical vignette based on a tragic true story.  One afternoon this forty-something woman was getting ready to attend an event where she knew no one.  Of course, vanity came knocking, time to shape up those eyebrows girl. So, right there in her kitchen at the island because the lighting is better.   Full of vim and vigor and anticipation of having a fun evening out.  She grabs the 10x mirror from her bathroom. We shall call the mirror Evil Queen.  She places Evil Queen in the best possible light because her forty-something eyesight is not as good as it used to be.  And she sits in front of the Evil Queen eager to get ready to go out.
And BAM!  As she peers into the Evil Queens face, there it is, in all its naked glory! Every effin crease, wrinkle, mole and CHIN HAIR exposed! What the hell?!!  And in that moment the Evil Queen exacted such destruction! All self-esteem drained from this woman.  What is she to do? She is supposed to leave in little over an hour.  Does she allow the Evil Queen to steal her joy for exposing nothing but the magnified truth?  HELL NO!  She needs to Embrace her Inner Sparkle and shine like a marquee sign.  So, she plucked all the hair that had no right being on her face and chin!  Kept her mole exposed cuz its kinda sexy and stuck the Evil Queen into the deepest and darkest recesses of her linen closet.
Moral of the story?  You decide, but whatever you do, make sure to remember to Embrace Your Inner Sparkle!
I choose to sparkle by:
  1. Being authentic
  2. Being honest with myself
  3. Being kind
  4. Being weird
  5. Being open
  6. Being brave
  7. Being vulnerable (this is a toughie) 
Who or what is your EVIL QUEEN(S)?  Peace out my peeps. :)